School Management Software

Report Management

Every school needs to generate reports(assessment) for all the classes. All the reports can’t be generated in similar format. Sometimes, only a particular exam reports are necessary, or parents would ask for in-depth subject report. If a teacher has to do that, it will take a lot of time to sort out the marks of this many students. It is even more time consuming to calculate the average of class, average of each subjects, etc. This is where the report management feature of ZipSchools comes in. The technical team at ZipSchools understands this problem and has brought an innovative solution to the market, report management.

Here, in the management of reports module one can upload the marks in any desired format. Parents can easily see the marks and also see any subject details required. Parents can compare their children’s marks with the average marks of the class. ZipSchools enables the parents to view their child’s academic progress with the touch or click of a button, while enabling the teacher’s to post the assessment with ease.