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Making The Best Out Of Lockdown Creativity

It is difficult for the educational sectors to cope with the challenges of lockdown. Also, it can be challenging to keep the students involved in learning online. Here, creativity should be used as a tool to keep the students engaged.

This will help to kill the boredom and bring excitement in dull routines. Activities like group projects, individual research, idea presentation, etc. can enhance creativity. Also, it can add fun during learning and keep the students interested.

How can creativity help through the lockdown dullness?

The great amount of time indoors is giving ample of time in beginning imagination to life. Thus, creativity is at its peak since the lockdown started. This is how it can be helpful to the students:

1.    Skill development

Students can take online courses to develop a new skill. Also, this will make them learn something new. Newly developed skills added to creative imagination can bring a lot of innovative ideas. This can also help the students to explore new things and develop their concepts.

2.    Research work

Enhance Creativity

Research work can help students make use of the extra time they have during the lockdown. Inventive research on individual levels can allow students to explore various things and build their own knowledge base. Giving light and interesting projects can allow learning and creative thinking.

3.     Creative inputs

The regular classes should demand innovative inputs from the students. Asking students to work in collaboration on projects can help in blending their ideas together. Thus, forcing them to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions together.

The pandemic is pulling down the world with anxiety. Bringing imagination and innovation together can work wonders while staying indoors. Thus, the power of creativity can help uplift and allow innovations even in such dark times. Keep working on yourself!