Save Money Communicating with Families Using Free SMS Notifications

Save Money Communicating with Families Using Free SMS Notifications

Although the country is beginning to reopen as coronavirus restrictions are lifted, progress towards normal life is slow and there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the future. Schools in India are especially impacted, and we at ZipSchools are committed to helping educators weather the storm.  That’s why we’re offering a free version of our cutting-edge classroom management software to all schools in India who need an easy way to manage their schools, whether virtually or in person, while keeping mindful of costs. No qualification is required, simply sign up online in just a few minutes.
Stay in Touch with Families Using Free SMS Messages & Mobile App

Staying in close communication with families allows you to operate smoothly and reassures families that their school is responsive and technologically advanced. That’s why even our free basic plan includes valuable notification features for state-of-the-art communications between schools and families. To quickly send notifications to parents about assignments, changes to the schedule, fees, and more, use the 500 SMS messages included in your free plan. If you require more than 500 messages, you can buy additional credits as you need them.  For two-way communication between families, teachers, and administrators, use our mobile app, which is also included in your free plan. The app allows you to deliver learning resources virtually, including online classes.


Free School Management Software

Notifications aren’t all you get when you sign up for ZipSchools’ free software. Take a look at the full listing of the modules that are included for free:
School Management Software     

  1. Admissions

  2. Student Management

  3. Staff Management

  4. Classrooms

  5. Dashboard

  6. Diary

  7. Gallery

  8. Homework

  9. Attendance (limited on free version)

  10. Learning Resources


  1. Send SMS messages to parents (first 500 messages are free)      

  2. Send email messages to parents

  3. Send in-app notifications to parents

  4. Receive messages from parents to teachers (two-way communication)

  5. Communicate the following events: Attendance (presence/absence), Homework, Diary, School administrative messages, School calendar, Emergency communications

  6. Parent mobile app

Learning Resources

  1. Pre-filled Learning Resources — we have hundreds of these for each class and subject

  2. Develop your own Learning Resources

  3. Mobile app interface

  4. Use free online virtual classrooms powered by Google Meet or Zoom

  5. Deliver any type of content: Documents, Video, Audio, YouTube links, Online learning platforms, Virtual Classrooms

  6. Parent mobile app  

Modern schools in India need the best software to stay in close communication with families during these unprecedented times. ZipSchools makes it easy to remain organized and flexible by offering user-friendly technology at a price that all schools can afford. It’s free to test for yourself, so go ahead and try it now.