Learning Resource Included with Free School Management Software

Free Learning Resources for Virtual Online Learning & Supplementation 

These days it’s more important than ever for schools to remain flexible, especially when it comes to delivering learning content and materials. Whether your school is conducting in-person learning, online-only classes, or a combination of the two, ZipSchools’ free Learning Resources module has you covered.


Access Thousands of Free School Worksheets

Our comprehensive and customizable eLearning solution includes thousands of ready-made resources for all classes (grades 1 to 10) in the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Worksheets can be printed and handed out at school, or easily shared with parents and students online using our app or free SMS notifications.

ZipSchools is the only school management software in India that provides thousands of pre-loaded Global Learning Resources for free. We are committed to helping schools succeed in these challenging times by providing low-cost and no-cost resources so your school’s budget can go further.

Deliver Customized Learning Content Virtually

Each teacher can add their own customized learning resources to their online classrooms. Both the ready-made and customized materials can be used to:

  1. Supplement in-class learning to strengthen understanding of concepts taught in class
  2. Create a virtual classroom if students must learn entirely from home

Between the ready-made materials and your own materials, you can create an entire curriculum online if needed.


Use Multiple Document Types

For the best virtual learning experience, we encourage teachers to use a variety of instructional materials, including:·      

  1. Instructional documents
  2. Demonstration videos
  3. Practice and review worksheets
  4. Tests and assessments


To add instructional videos, simply upload your video to our online storage area, or create a custom learning resource that includes the link to a video on YouTube or another website.  


Easily Share with Parents and Students for Free

The simple ZipSchools interface is easy for teachers to set up and share with parents and students. Once teachers create their online classroom and are ready to assign work, they can notify families using the notifications module, which is also included in the free version of the software.  


Students can access learning materials using a desktop, laptop, or tablet. Documents can be printed if necessary. Our free app makes viewing notifications and accessing resources easy.  


Learning Resource Included with Free School Management Software

By getting your online learning platform set up now, you’ll be prepared for whatever the future brings. And best of all, you don’t have to spend a single rupee to set up your virtual classroom. Everything mentioned here is included in the free version of the ZipSchools software, along with free notifications, a free app, and more. Sign up today to get started and put your school on the cutting edge of virtual online learning.

filled Learning Resources — we have hundreds of these for each class and subject