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How to Satisfy Parent Expectations in Today’s Environment

Even before the pandemic, parent expectations were increasing as technology becomes more widely available. As parents and schools work to navigate these tumultuous times, technology is more important than ever, but it’s not all a school needs to satisfy families. 

Let’s explore an overview of what parents expect from modern schools:

Teaching during COVID-19


Quality of education

There’s no substitute for the fundamentals of good teaching. Parents still expect teachers to give enough time and attention to their kids, at a minimum. They also want teachers and schools to go above and beyond, to understand their children’s abilities and encourage them to stretch themselves to achieve at increasingly higher levels. This means teachers must pay attention to individual student needs rather than just using a one-size-fits all approach. 

In the past, rote learning may have been the norm, but today’s parents expect their children to develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter so that they will be prepared for advanced schooling and opportunities overseas. In a globally connected world where business is conducted online more than ever, Indian students will be competing with other students from around the world for the job opportunities of the future, even more so than they are now.


The possibilities for communication between schools and families have greatly increased in recent years. No longer must schools rely on students to ferry messages back and forth. Technology like SMS messages and app-based messaging make it possible for teachers to send messages directly to students and parents, and vice versa, in real time. Administrators can also communicate directly with parents.  

Not only does this help schools operate more efficiently in the present, but giving students access to modern technology now means that they’ll be comfortable using it in the workplace.  

Resources for children

While physical books, in-class lectures, and hands-on exercises are still an important source of knowledge, technology has opened up many other possibilities as well. ZipSchools’ free resources include online content, quizzes, and tests—including customizable resources—allowing teachers to give students the learning materials they need to stretch to a higher level of learning.

Resources for parents

Today’s parents are more engaged than ever in their children’s learning. They want guidance on how to help their children, whether it’s getting them additional practice on an area where the child is struggling, helping a gifted child find challenging exercises so they can reach their fullest potential, or helping an eccentric child pursue a topic of study that particularly interests them.  

Parents also want to be able to track their children’s progress and to know right away if a child’s performance in school is suffering, so they can intervene. Resources like the ZipSchools app, which shows test scores as soon as the teachers enter them into the system, allow parents to keep a close eye on their children’s performance.

For parents who are worried about the health risks of sending their child to school, online classrooms provide a safer way to keep children engaged in learning. Some students find that self-paced lessons are less stressful than moving at the pace of the rest of the class, and parents at home can help them if they get stuck, or reach out to a teacher for assistance through the Zipschools app.

In summary...

In short, parents today expect the same quality and care of a traditional school experience, plus the benefits of modern technology and teaching methods.

No technology can replace the caring and personal attention of teachers and staff who are dedicated to student success. Technology should enhance, not replace what traditional schools offer. That’s why we’ve developed the ZipSchools software to assist you in achieving with greater efficiency that which you’re already doing well. By spending less time on manual administrative tasks, letting technology do the heavy lifting there, you can free up your staff’s time to focus on what really matters to everyone: teaching excellence. Get started for free.