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Admissions, Enquiry, Fee Management, School Management Software

When parents think about their children starting at a new school or college, there are multiple questions in their minds. Every parent has different concerns and requirements for their child. Deciding which school they want their kid to go to is a major decision. As all parents want the best for their kids. Several questions arise while going through the list of possible options such as, what facilities do they have? How much is the fee? and several other such questions. It is not possible or rather we can say that it is rather taxing to visit every school personally to inquire about our queries and even during the actual application form process where we would need to stand in a Que and wait for our turn only to submit a piece of paper that would “probably” get our child into that school.

The ideal process for applications and inquiries 

The ZipSchools application and inquiry module helps us with doing all the above tiring tasks in just a few clicks. The added advantage of ZipSchools being any device compatible helps the users to use the modules on any device. If we need to enquire about the school, you only need to have the website of the school and fill out the desired form which is either the admission for or an inquiry form and the respective ADMIN from that school would reach out to us through the desired medium. After inquiring, we feel that we have found the perfect school for our child we can simply convert the inquiry into an admission form while retaining the information filled out on the inquiry form.
A parent would also get a parent portal where they could see the status of their current application (accepted/denied/wait-listed). The parent portal is easy to log in using an existing Facebook or Google account. This will retain the basic information further reducing the time that would take to fill out details.


Fee Management, School Management Software
Student Fees collection & receipt generating software is the most important department of a school, college, or institute. This is the major source of income and major activity of any day in any educational institute. In a school, you will need to receive fees from hundreds of students in a day. This process should be very fast and accurate. ZipSchools is the School fee collection software, which automates the department of fee collection for any school with complete security and consistency/accuracy of your data. Also, this fee management system allows receiving fees in seconds with few clicks of mouse/keyboard. This student fee software will help the staff to utilize their time efficiently. It also reduces the overhead while collecting student fees. In this way, management can utilize their time in other areas of the school. It also has a partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, and fee relaxation facility. There is also percent discount, optional fees, concession, hostel fees system, transportation fees, and separate conveyance facilities. These features make the software a must for any school. Fee management software or college fee management software can computerize the process of student fee collection.