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Benefits of School Management System, School ERP, School Management Software
One of the best ways in which you can better your school management system processes and systems; is to set up professional learning communities. It is common knowledge that conventional professional development can be a rather pricey affair. There are so many expenses to take care of over here. These include fees to be paid to speakers, hiring substitute teachers, and the expenses to be made towards texts. Experts also say that the present model of professional development does not always produce the desired results.

Partnering with researchers

All around you would see universities and colleges trying their best to come up with classroom lessons that are innovative. They are always trying to find out the quality of new educational technologies. They come up with instructional practices that can prove to be effective for them. For example, at certain universities researchers are looking at ways in which children’s literature, which is highly interactive and visual in nature, can help improve the writing and reading skills of the students. As a result of such research teachers in these classrooms are now getting lesson plans. There are ideas and materials that they are able to use for years to come.

Encouraging teachers to use social networking sites

When it comes to schools there is always plenty of discussions. One how students are either using or misusing social networking sites such as Facebook. However, these social networking sites can be highly useful for teachers. They can help improve school performance as well. From these websites, teachers can get proper ideas. They would be able to teach different subjects and books in the class that they otherwise find difficult to deal with.

Collaborating on priority

As far as theory goes, most schools want their teachers to join forces with each other. This is done in order to create lessons, share various resources and ideas, and address the individual learning needs of the students. However, the truth of the matter is that in most cases they do not really have the time to do so. In most cases, the maximum break that teachers have between classes is 20 minutes and at times it can come down to 5 minutes as well. It is little time to have any meaningful discussion with your colleagues as such. This is where your administrators need to think and think hard.

Managing and sharing data

School administrators need to make allowance for platforms to be used in their school that would make it easier for all stakeholders to manage data and share it around as well. By using such platforms they would be able to take care of data pertaining to the students. This would be especially beneficial for the teachers as they would now have access to the grades, attendance, test scores, and other important details of their students. Through such dashboard based systems, you too would be able to review in a short span of time how well your students are doing.

Benefits of School Management System, Parents, School ERP, School Management Software

The answers lie within your school management system!

What is a school ERP system?

A school ERP system, like ZipSchools is a platform that automates the processes an institution runs on. Right from admissions processing to alumni event organization, your school management system can ensure that your institution runs more smoothly.

ZipSchools is especially useful because it takes over multiple functions. Right from organizing parent-teacher conferences, to fee processing and receipt generation, to setting up of study groups for discussions based on subject or learning levels, or even to ensure readily available private communication between various stakeholders.

Why do schools need one?

ZipSchools bring schools into the digital world while also making things easier for them. They help schools run more smoothly and efficiently while also reducing human resource costs.

Schools are not just a simple interaction where students come in to study and then leave. They are huge institutions that need organization and consistency to function effectively. When they do not, it is students that suffer the most as they are not given the learning environment they need to learn. It is the role of a school to set up a learning environment that enhances and aids its teachers, administrators, and students in doing the best that they can.

ZipSchools can thus help students, teachers, and management to achieve their full potential. 

How can ZipSchools make your institution more successful?

Increased efficiency 

The primary job school ERP systems perform well are to take over the day to day processes and long-term processes of a school and perform them. This means that these processes, that were previously being performed by humans, are not being performed by a program. What does this mean for schools? It means more consistently successful processes are carried out. This is because humans are fallible and error-prone. Fatigue sets in. Processes rely on perfect execution on a repeated basis – a platform like a school ERP system or school management system is perfect for this endeavor.

Reduced expenditure across the board

Since school ERP software can take over multiple processes, labor costs and ancillary costs will fall down dramatically. Earlier, one would need a department for each function of an institution, populated by multiple people as staff. There are also overhead costs – for instance, the paper on which admission forms will print, mailing of fee receipts, the communication costs of setting up meetings, creating schedules for each student, etc. With a school ERP system, all these are now taking place in a single-window – reducing the time cost and the material cost of a lot of associated items. A reduced expenditure is something every school can use in these times of budgetary cuts and funding slashes. School ERP systems are a cost-effective way to ensure success for your school.

Better communication 

Your school ERP system will contain multiple options to communicate with all the stakeholders in your institution’s ecosystem. For example, students can have class discussions anywhere and anytime through the creation of classroom groups and student groups where ideas can be exchanged online. Parents and teachers have confidential communication about the progress of their student through private messaging options. Management can send a message out to the whole school – students and parents – using the dashboard feature to make important announcements. This reduction in time delays for communications means faster decision making and faster turnaround times – a win-win for all.

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More tech-embracing in a digital world

We live in a digital world – this is a fact that cannot be denied. Students of any institution will also be graduating into a world that has highly driven by technology. Does it not make sense that the school they gain their education in also be tech-embracing rather than tech-averse? The use of school management systems is vital for building a culture that makes technology understandable and accessible to students from a young age. It also gives them a realistic idea of how things function in the real world – employees do not write letters to each other anymore to share work updates, instead, they use emails. Why should students be turning in handwritten reports, when they could be doing the same?


Admissions, Enquiry, Fee Management, School Management Software

When parents think about their children starting at a new school or college, there are multiple questions in their minds. Every parent has different concerns and requirements for their child. Deciding which school they want their kid to go to is a major decision. As all parents want the best for their kids. Several questions arise while going through the list of possible options such as, what facilities do they have? How much is the fee? and several other such questions. It is not possible or rather we can say that it is rather taxing to visit every school personally to inquire about our queries and even during the actual application form process where we would need to stand in a Que and wait for our turn only to submit a piece of paper that would “probably” get our child into that school.

The ideal process for applications and inquiries 

The ZipSchools application and inquiry module helps us with doing all the above tiring tasks in just a few clicks. The added advantage of ZipSchools being any device compatible helps the users to use the modules on any device. If we need to enquire about the school, you only need to have the website of the school and fill out the desired form which is either the admission for or an inquiry form and the respective ADMIN from that school would reach out to us through the desired medium. After inquiring, we feel that we have found the perfect school for our child we can simply convert the inquiry into an admission form while retaining the information filled out on the inquiry form.
A parent would also get a parent portal where they could see the status of their current application (accepted/denied/wait-listed). The parent portal is easy to log in using an existing Facebook or Google account. This will retain the basic information further reducing the time that would take to fill out details.


Fee Management, School Management Software
Student Fees collection & receipt generating software is the most important department of a school, college, or institute. This is the major source of income and major activity of any day in any educational institute. In a school, you will need to receive fees from hundreds of students in a day. This process should be very fast and accurate. ZipSchools is the School fee collection software, which automates the department of fee collection for any school with complete security and consistency/accuracy of your data. Also, this fee management system allows receiving fees in seconds with few clicks of mouse/keyboard. This student fee software will help the staff to utilize their time efficiently. It also reduces the overhead while collecting student fees. In this way, management can utilize their time in other areas of the school. It also has a partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, and fee relaxation facility. There is also percent discount, optional fees, concession, hostel fees system, transportation fees, and separate conveyance facilities. These features make the software a must for any school. Fee management software or college fee management software can computerize the process of student fee collection.

School Management Software

Every school needs to generate reports(assessment) for all the classes. All the reports can’t be generated in similar format. Sometimes, only a particular exam reports are necessary, or parents would ask for in-depth subject report. If a teacher has to do that, it will take a lot of time to sort out the marks of this many students. It is even more time consuming to calculate the average of class, average of each subjects, etc. This is where the report management feature of ZipSchools comes in. The technical team at ZipSchools understands this problem and has brought an innovative solution to the market, report management.

Here, in the management of reports module one can upload the marks in any desired format. Parents can easily see the marks and also see any subject details required. Parents can compare their children’s marks with the average marks of the class. ZipSchools enables the parents to view their child’s academic progress with the touch or click of a button, while enabling the teacher’s to post the assessment with ease.



School Management Software

Having hundreds of new students and the students who are already present in school from previous session. Also, creating time-table for each class/section. Time table should be such that no single teacher should be assigned to more than one class. Now the task is to allocate classes and teachers to these students. When done manually, it gets unnecessarily time consuming and a challenging task for the administration. How many sections should there for the class? How many students in each class?

As parents you are always worried about your kids reaching school after you have dropped them off or even if they have reached school, if they are actually attending classes or not.

All this can be done with less than half the time when done in our class management module. This module is described into two parts. The first part of the module takes care of class management, creates time table according to your desire.

In the second part of this module, the attendance of students is taken care of. Teachers can upload attendance of students and parents can view any time and from anywhere. Also, an email notification is sent to the parent right after the attendance is updated.