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School Management Software

Having hundreds of new students and the students who are already present in school from previous session. Also, creating time-table for each class/section. Time table should be such that no single teacher should be assigned to more than one class. Now the task is to allocate classes and teachers to these students. When done manually, it gets unnecessarily time consuming and a challenging task for the administration. How many sections should there for the class? How many students in each class?

As parents you are always worried about your kids reaching school after you have dropped them off or even if they have reached school, if they are actually attending classes or not.

All this can be done with less than half the time when done in our class management module. This module is described into two parts. The first part of the module takes care of class management, creates time table according to your desire.

In the second part of this module, the attendance of students is taken care of. Teachers can upload attendance of students and parents can view any time and from anywhere. Also, an email notification is sent to the parent right after the attendance is updated.